Monday, 16 June 2014

Warmer house tips

Hi All,
just doing an intermediate blog as winter has now struck and a few of you might be wondering how to get their houses to be a bit warmer without churning through the gas.

Get as much sunshine to enter your house as possible all day. The best sunshine is from midday to late arvo as it's effects will last into the night.  It's great if this sunshine can hit some Thermal Mass ie dense dark material like concrete, rammed earth, bricks. If you don't have the sun hitting these materials, that's ok, a dark coloured thick rug in the afternoon sun works well or dark furniture like a lounge or thick timber dining table. Be careful of the fading effects of UV though, you can add films to the inside of the window to counter this.

Once the sun goes down or the outside air is no longer very warm, close up the house and trap that warm air in. If you have curtains close most of them especially if they are on the south and east sides of the house. Those areas get cold quicker and won't let much light in after 4.30 anyway.  Tight fitting thick curtains are best, insulated or cellular blinds are better. Once it's getting dark close all curtains and seal all gaps under doors with the old door sausages.
If the kids are out, don't let them in, as any draft will drop the temp. Unless they have been running around, if that's the case their body temp will be useful to help warm the house.
Once you've closed up the house have a shower, chuck on a jumper, and you may not need to put on a heater all night !

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