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Introduction to Will Collins Design

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Hi everyone,
I'm very excited to be creating my first blog about residential design.
I now have over 30 years experience in the building industry having designed my first home
approximately 34 years ago and I'm keen to share my experience with you whether you are a student,
a couple wanting me to design your home or somebody who just finds Australian architecture interesting.
I have had my own business since 1993 which is now almost exactly 21 years ago.  So you could say this blog, and my recent foray into business facebook and instagram is the 21st birthday celebration of my building design business. We are located on the Gold Coast and have had my designs widely published with various media and also seen on TV in such shows as 60 Minutes, 7.30 Report, Totally Wild and Green Homes and Bacon.  I design anything residential, as far apart as Victoria to Mackay, Fiji and China.  You can learn more about what we do and see samples of my designs on our website   or my business facebook page   or follow me on Instagram  Will Collins Design.
Better yet, check out my introductory You Tube clip, it's only 90 sec long:

I want to start by describing the procedure that's involved in getting a house, duplex, apartment building, or renovations and alterations up and running.  It usually begins with either a call or email from you, the client who has already made the purchase of a block of land or an existing house.  But I am happy to do pre- inspections of land or existing homes that might need renovation or additions.
Below is a sample of how the procedure works, but to make it more interesting I am going to do a case study using my own block of land and show how it's done step by step showing photo's of the land,
initial bubble sketch's showing rough room locations, proper pencil sketch's, then computer drawings of plans, elevations etc, then 3D's, then photo's of the house being constructed and the various materials used and then photo's of the completed work.

Initial meeting:
Usually have at our office to ascertain the brief and get a feel for your residential project. This entails discussions on proposed ideas, problem areas, council restrictions and general practical advice.
This design consultation is charged at an hourly rate.
If you decide you like what we offer, a fee submission is prepared and emailed to you. This
fee submission sets out whatʼs included, whatʼs not included and the stages of the design and documentation process.
If the fee submission is met with approval, an “authority to start” form will need to be signed
and the process of designing your project can come to fruition. This “authority to start” is a
working contract for both parties so that have assurance that you know what you are getting.
A site investigation is organised. Measurements and photos are taken. If necessary a contour survey plan is organised. 
All information gathered so far is utilised to create a great design.
Sketch plans are produced in pencil format for your perusal. We discuss in great detail,
positions of rooms, windows, kitchen layout ... All information gathered is utilised to enable a
quality workable design for your individual requirements. You then take the plans home and live with them for awhile, trying to imagine yourself living in these new exciting spaces. 
When you feel ready, weʼll discuss any changes that maybe required.
Once you have approved the sketch plans we move on to building the residence in the
computer. This results in a 3d model that can be viewed & analysed from any angle. This
visual software can enable any details of the plan to be fine tuned with great clarity showing materials and colours and special features.
We also produce solar penetration 3dʼs. This shows where the sun is hitting the house or
penetrating the windows at different times of year. This is very handy for pointing out potential hot spots in summer. The last thing you want is the sun penetrating your living room at 3pm in summer.
Once your happy with the 3D model, documentation for council purposes can proceed. This is where plans are thoroughly dimensioned and includes detailed notation explaining any unusual features. Building Code, Council regʼs and Engineers requirements are also incorporated.
A site plan is produced showing where the building sits in relation to the survey contour plan,
northpoint, services, sewer and storm water.
All floor plans, elevations, sections and details are produced ready for the builder to quote on.
Any extra details of individual features can be documented at this stage. One copy of the
plans are produced in colour for clarity and presentation purposes. The finished plans are then ready to submit to the certifier for building approval.
Our service doesʼnt necessarily end there. We can also provide a full package including Interior design & cabinetry details, Landscape design, Lighting & Electrical Layouts.
This is a brief explanation of the process, a lot more goes on behind the scenes of course.

So below is some photo's of the block of land that we purchased back in about 2005, wow time flies....
Our house now sits in front of the pine trees but behind the 3 little trees to the left

This shot shows the 3 little trees that were removed before we bought.  There is now a beautiful pond to the left near the white pegs.

The below photo shows the view from standing in the position where our western balcony now is looking over the ecovillage.  I can't wait to show you what it looks like now, but that will have to wait for later blogs as we are going to do this stage by stage and we can't jump to a finished house without going through the proper preparations first.  See you in my next blog and thank you spending the time with me.  I hope you enjoy this journey as much as I did.

You can learn more about what we do and see samples of my designs on our website   and
or our business facebook page:   and or follow us on Instagram  Gold Coast Building Designers.



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