Wednesday, 17 December 2014

How Cool is it ?

How cool is it?
to live in a well designed house during these stinking hot days ?  Aren't we lucky?
But if your sitting there with sweat dripping from the hairs under your armpits and cursing under your breath, here's a few hints to help cool your house down a bit further:

1/.  Keep the north facing curtains drawn from first thing in the morning till midday or even all day.
I know you all have awnings over the windows to protect you from direct sun exposure but there's still a huge effect from the radiant heat especially if the north part of your house is close to the ground or exposed to the roof of your neighbour.

2/. Keep the north and east facing windows closed too, at least until it becomes stuffy, often around 11am or midday.  Usually by then the breeze has picked up and it'll cool your house naturally and dry up those droplets.

3/. Keep a few windows open to the south.  That'll help circulate the air and reduce the stuffiness.

4/. Open all windows in the late afternoon, say 4pm, if they aren't open already, and it'll cool your house down quicker getting rid of all the stored heat out of your walls.

5/. Keep that western sun out!  The best way is to have external blinds or screens so the sun doesn't get in at all.  If you don't have these, use internal blinds as the next best thing.

6/. Grab a cool drink and chill out on the day bed.

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